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Mr. Moore and I know
it is important
to find a listening ear
when troublesome things
enter our lives... 


    I like basketball.  It is one sport where I seem able to understand the game!  I am not terribly lost in baseball but when it comes to football, forget it!  John was a high school football player not being one of the popular cheer-leading girls, I was not a frequent attendee at a game.  "How did she end up with that guy?" you ask.  Well, I have asked myself that question, too! I even wrote an article about Goody Two Shoes and The Football Player!

    By the time we had been married long enough for me to realize how important watching football on TV was to him (like the first time we were ever able to afford to check into any motel and the TV was turned on before I even got through the door!) I had asked him to explain the game to me.  He tried.  However, his explanation was between plays and wandering at best since his eyes and mind remained glued to the TV lest he miss any action.  Even though that was during the years when my ability to remember was greater then than it is now, I couldn't follow his wandering mind as he digressed between explaining what a 4th down and a touchdown was, so I went back to being a cheerful little football widow on Monday nights and Sunday afternoons.  I learned to crochet.

    Besides, I had too much else I wanted to do to waste my time watching a game I knew I was never going to understand when Mr. Football Player himself was too involved watching to explain the plays.  It all turned out okay though.  Since he never asked me to explain how he could use his bear paw size hands in the delicate art of crocheting baby clothes or afghans, we all lived happily ever after!

© Marilyn Sue Moore       3-7-09


    One long ago but not forgotten Friday I found a spider in our large oleander bush near a green vine-type growth that has fine frothy pale yellow flowers clinging to the six-foot gray weathered wood privacy picket fence. Two corners of the fence surrounded the oleander bush. Several times during the previous week I had observed a large yellow butterfly with black-tipped wings gracefully and swiftly fluttering about our back yard. One evening as I approached the bush with the plan to choose one of the few remaining oleander blossoms for a dining room table rose bowl centerpiece, my peripheral vision caught a fluttering movement which I assumed to be that butterfly. Upon closer observation, because I do have some curiosity in my soul, I was startled to see a very long-legged spider.   It was probably equally as startled as I! The body of this spider was 5/8-to-3/4" long, mostly black, but had tiny brilliant lemon yellow spots. The spots were placed in such a way as to remind me of the placement of the white dots on nonpareil candies. The head was light charcoal gray and sported beady little eyes, so small I wasn't sure of their color. The long slender legs were bent at each "knee" and holding on to a slim branch The legs were golden tan from the body to the bends but shiny black from there to the very sharply pointed tips.

    My first impulse is to kill a spider on most occasions but this one seemed unique. I wanted to share its beauty with my husband, John. I came to the patio door and said, "I want you to come see something." He indulgently left his comfortable recliner where he was trying to watch the 6 p.m. news. Apparently he truly understood that my news was more earth shattering.

He crossed the length of the backyard, looked at the spider with some interest, then said, ''Leave it alone."

    I thought, "Leave it alone? It's big and what if it is poisonous?" I am a Maine native and this was a Texas spider! But I had promised "to obey" nearly forty years before and by then it was well engrained so “obey” I did.

    Over the weekend I kept checking on the spider. It was always in its web between a lower shrub and the oleander bush. The web was about 2-feet square, with extending lines attached from its four corners. The spider's favorite position seemed to be head down. Below its head was a fine white corkscrew incorporated into its web. On some visits I would see her corkscrew but often it was not there. Her web building movements reminded me of the tatting motions of one of my friends.

    By Sunday morning I realized I could see that spider as I sat at my dining room table. Because we owned a small inquisitive dog I decided it'd be wise to call the man who had done the pest inspection when we bought our house. I felt I could give a good enough word description so I was eager for Monday morning to roll around. After anticipating an easy answer I had to leave a message! However, a swift return response from the pest exterminator told me he thought it was probably an orb spider or a writing spider. He added that he had time and wanted to come over to be sure. Within an hour we were in my backyard and he verified his thought as soon as he saw my spider. When he said, "Writing spider," I asked, "A Charlotte's Web spider?" That brought an immediate affirmation of surprise. He told me the Spanish word for it but I cannot remember that. He said the Hispanics sometimes refer to them as "hex" spiders. He further explained, if you want to place a hex on someone, you go out at sunset and say that person's name over and over. When you see later see that person's name written in the web, that person will be (or already is) dead. Thankfully, I have no one I desire to hex even if I did believe such! It makes an interesting story about this spider though.

    By now I was growing a bit possessive of this creation of God. I learned this was a female and her bite would probably cause no more reaction than a mosquito bite. If one were allergic to bee stings, her bite would cause an allergic reaction. He said she was most likely a spring spider and that she could grow to have a leg span the width of a cereal bowl. Her body could become the size of a small hen's egg. At this size, she'd most likely be lunch for some bird. I hoped not!

    I also learned about other "good" spiders that day, but there was something special about the newly found knowledge surrounding this pretty spider in our backyard. She often stayed in one spot in her web when I approached; however, twice in one day, she scurried to the oleander branch as I appeared. I was wearing red. I suppose she thought I was a cardinal.

    One morning I went out to check on her. Both she and her web were missing. I was sad. I had always had a great fondness for "Charlotte's Web" and for a little while God had given me my very own Charlotte. I wondered, “Will she someday have hundreds of babies? If she does, I hope as in ‘Charlotte's Web’ many will blow to other backyards and bring a surge of pleasure to those who benefit by their presence. One or two could stay with me.

©Marilyn Sue Moore 11-15-08 (revised from 9-11-96)



I sat down to put on my shoes;

it was a windy day;

I thought it would be fun

if I could get outside to play.


Getting shoes put on my feet

is a big job for me

Because instead of two feet like you

I have seven pairs you see.


And on each foot I have five toes,

on each a little suction cup,

And when I start to dress my feet

each cup tries to trip me up!


So fourteen feet and past five toes

you’d think would be a-plenty,

but with a dozen body rolls

I’m glad I don’t have twenty!


I also wear a lot of names;

I’m sure you must be wondering,

with all my many rolls and feet

why don’t you hear the thundering?


It’s because I am a roll-up bug

and when I go outside to play,

the wind comes by and balls me up

and then blows me away!


© Marilyn Sue Moore       4-29-08



A mockingbird came the other day.

She sat out in the tree

While I was in the office and

She looked right in at me.

I looked right back ~

She looked inside ~

I hoped she’d not see me!

I thought to hide,

But if I moved

She’d see my actions clear,

With the eyesight God has given her

She doesn’t need be near.

So I looked at her ~

She looked at me ~

And then she flew away.

My hope is she’ll come back again

To build a nest someday.

Then fill the air with birdsong sweet,

And watch her hatchlings play.

© Marilyn Sue Moore       2-8-08



There lies the kitty…

He is fast asleep;

Behind him is a TV MEWS,

A remote is at his feet.

The lampshade is above his head,

The lamppost at his back;

For watching TV, he’s prepared

But for a little snack.

He’ll be a hungry little guy

When he wakes up from his snooze

I guess he’ll have to call his mom

With lots of little “mews.”

And once she hears him call to her

She’ll scurry there right soon

‘Cause that’s what all mommas do

No matter night or noon.

© Marilyn Sue Moore       9-16-06


The image in the mirror

looking back at me

Was not the one I did expect

considering where I be!

I looked and looked

and looked some more

But no matter how hard I tried,

Though the sign said,

“Jr. High School Girls,”

Both the sign and the mirror...lied!

The face shown there upon display

a teen would fast disown;

And rightly so since the face I saw

was none other than my own!

When I complained about the farce

a young man did explain,

“The wrong mirror you did use,

your story makes that plain!”

So next time when I brush my hair

and add color to my lips

The right mirror I must find

That shows just my face…no hips!

© Marilyn Sue Moore                           11-8-07


As I lay in my bed

Each thought in my head

Becomes a whirlwind like dust;

It starts out small ~

Almost nothing at all~

Then it blows full force with a gust:

“Do this,” and “Do that,”

“And when those are done,

Get up and go do some more.”

When I finally arise,

The sleep from my eyes

Has left and blown out the door!

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   12-12-06


A Daisy For Each Age

A child of two sees a daisy...

"Pretty," says he.

A child of six plucks a daisy...

"Loves me," says she.

A child of ten picks a daisy...

"For you," says he.

Now sixteen, she sees a daisy...

"Lovely," says she.

At twenty, he gives a daisy...

"Marry me?" asks he.

At thirty, she presses a daisy...

"Memories," says she.

At forty, he finds a daisy...

"I love you," says he.

At fifty, she hunts out a daisy...

"Reminds me of you," says she.

At sixty, he brings a daisy...

"Grandparents soon," says he.

Now two, Grandson sees a daisy.

"Pretty," says he...

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   7-4-94



I look in the mirror

And the person I see

Is not the one I expect

To be looking at me!

Who is this woman

Whose image I see?

Surely one that old

Cannot be me!

I’m not that wrinkled ~

And I’m not that gray ~

And on me those pounds

Would just melt away!

But a little voice tells me,

“Look again and you’ll see

The person you know

Lives just inside of me!”

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   12-15-01



There was a mouse in the cookie jar ~

I watched him sneak a snack;

That was okay until ~

I watched him pack a pack!

When he was done

I thought I’d find

A crumb or two or more,

But all he left was a tiny track

Of footprints on the floor!

As I sat down to take a rest

I’m sure I heard him sigh,

“There is upon this great big earth

No happier mouse than I!”

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   3-21-06



Today I looked into a tree

And thought

What fun that it would be

To climb up high into that tree!

To see the yards from up so high…

To sit there a while

And simply sigh,

But I no longer am a kid…

And so, instead, here’s what I did:

I took a picture of that tree

And thought it best that way…

But I will think upon this plan…

And maybe climb another day!

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   1-25-05



On June the first, of every year

A sound announces you are here.

The buzz upon my windowpane

Tells me that you are here again. 

How do you know? Why aren't you slow?

Does God in Heaven tell you so?

Does He whisper in your ear,

"'Tis June the first, of another year"?

© Marilyn Sue Moore                   6-4-96

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